Hit By A School Bus Or on Public Transit in Ontario? What You Need to Know

It’s a fact that many school age children ride buses every weekday. With 800,000 Ontario students riding school buses every day of the school year – and an added number using public transit to get there – it’s fair to expect some bumps and bruises along the way. There are undoubtedly also a large number of bus riding students in your jurisdiction. Their safety is a priority.

What you might not know about is your child’s rights and benefits following a school bus, or city bus, injury. They can be substantial when you factor in all the different parties involved. According to 1990-1995 survey results published at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s School Bus Safety Resource Guide, a typical Ontario school year in the early 1990s saw more than 1000 road collisions involving school buses. Upwards of 100 students were injured, every school year, while inside a school bus.

Of course, injuries can occur on any bus, whether it’s a school bus or part of a public transit system. They can be caused by sudden stops, collisions, or even by unsupervised horseplay.

When a person – child or adult – is injured on a school or transit bus, that individual is unlikely to be entirely responsible for the injury. Many other parties are responsible for the safety of all the bus’s riders, and depending on the accident, they could be legally responsible to provide compensation:

• Government bodies (MTO, Transport Canada, etc.) are responsible for putting appropriate safety guidelines in place, in order to prevent bus accidents.

• School board officials are responsible for implementing and monitoring school transportation, and this includes making safety improvements.

• All bus operators must follow provincial safety regulations as outlined in the Highway Traffic Act and the Public Vehicle Act.

• Auto insurance companies may be required to pay accident benefits to someone injured on a bus.

• School bus drivers are also on the hook to ensure rider safety, and inspect the bus regularly.

• Other motorists must also obey traffic laws, particularly in dealing with school buses. Parents like you are responsible for educating their children about bus safety.

In my city, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority offers free bus safety materials, and interactive bus safety seminars. Check with your local school board to see if similar materials are available where you live.

One of the best ways you can prevent school bus injuries is to be a smart motorist. When a school bus has stopped, give it 20 meters of space. Never attempt to pass a stopped school bus.

If your child does have an accident on the school bus or the city bus, make sure you notify the school and bus company of the accident right away. This is especially important if your child is injured inside the bus and the driver may not be aware of the injuries.

Getting appropriate and timely medical attention is vital in every personal injury situation. A bus accident is no different.

Bus Limousine Rental

Bus limousine rentals are becoming more popular in Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario and other major cities in Canada more than ever before. This can be associated to increased social events that require people to travel as groups but still demanding comfort, expediency and economy. Hiring the limousine buses can be for a wide variety of events that include airport transfer, sightseeing, wedding ceremonies, private outings and funerals. Bus limousine rentals have become popular in Toronto because the limos have different lounges that offer comfortable travel. The buses have plasma TV, CD players and curtains separators that allows for privacy. Other amenities include a restroom and wash basin for the travelers. The bus limousine interior is the perfect image of limo luxury and is fully equipped with a stereo, bar and a Plasma TV.

The bus limousines rentals offer Professional chauffeurs on request who ensure that the party has gone as expected. Before hiring a limousine bus for whatever use, one should inquire with the limousine hiring company whether they have a back-up limousine incase of breakdowns. A person should also check for prove of license from the limousine company in order to a void hiring a limousine whose company has no legal mandate to offer such services. This also helps a person recognize companies that could be operating on expired licenses. When renting a limousine bus in Toronto, it is wise to check for an insurance proof. In case of an accident a varied insurance cover would mean that, the insurance company caters for the passengers medical expenses. Before confirming a bus limousine rental, it is wise to confirm if the company has any pending complaints from passengers. If the pending complaints portray the limousine company as undependable, then a person can always look for other alternative bus limousine rentals.

Some Bus limousine rentals have special packages for events like weddings and corporate outings. One should always check to ensure that they get the best deal. This includes not only the costs, but also the quality of the services offered. Clients are advised to check the bus limousine beforehand to ensure that the party limo is not from an old fleet. Clients are able to choose from a range of modern or exotic limos. Although it is hard to get cheap limos, limo companies offer affordable limo services, which target people with minimal budgets. Because of their size, bus limousines rentals are convenient for airport transfers where large groups of people are traveling together. Such travels are hassle-free, timely and comfortable. The culture of bus limousine rental also ensures that chauffeurs assigned to drive the buses offer reliable, timely and safe services to clients.

Bus limousine rentals are also convenient for funerals. This is because they are able to accommodate a large number of people. Limousine companies have trained their chauffeurs to transport mourners with sensitivity and compassion during such times. People prefer bus limousine rentals because no matter what the size of the party, function, occasion or distance, the party limo accommodates the entire group in comfort and luxury, qualities that no cheap party bus can offer.

How to Shake the Winter Blues by Taking a One Day Bus Trip or Mini Vacation

Have you ever thought of going on a summer vacation or trip, or perhaps you take one every year with your family or a close friend, you can do the same thing during the winter, only a lot more times, and a lot cheaper, by taking one day mini vacations or bus trips. In the summer when you take a weeks vacation or such, you might have to hire someone to watch your home, or feed your pets while your away, or have delivery of your mail stopped until you return home, and you have luggage and travel related items to pack, and all them travel bags and items to cart around, and the hotel keys or passes to manage, plus all of the stress of getting ready and settling in at your destination.

When you take a one day bus trip during the winter, you eliminate all of the hassles of a summer vacation, including the luggage and the stress. How much does it cost to take a week or two weeks vacation, $2,000 or even more? Some folks spend a great deal more then that on a vacation, to me that’s ridiculous, a vacation should be something that helps you have fond memories a long time after it’s over with. Spending thousands of dollars for something like a vacation will give you some nice memories, but it also will give you many months, or years of loan payments.

Every city and even most smaller towns now days have motorcoach charters, or bus lines to travel spots that you can visit and then return home from, the same day, usually later at night. All you need to take on a one day bus trip is your purse or wallet, your tickets and money. If you live next to Mexico or Canada, then you will probably need a photo id and a passport as you cross the borders.

One day bus trips are exciting and the memories will last a lifetime, and the destinations are almost limitless and vary depending upon where you live, for example here where I live in PA, there are one day bus trips to several different casinos such as Atlantic City in New Jersey, New York City sightseeing, New York City Statue of Liberty tour and Shows at Rockefeller Center, Sportsman and Farm Shows, Fairs, Tours at Haunted Locations, Zoos and tons of other great locations including the sights and sounds of Christmas and all the winter Holidays. The trips vary every month, and from November to March, during the cold, snowy months they offer trips to some of the most exciting places.

Almost all of the coach or bus lines that offer the one day trips have schedules and booklets they are glad to mail you for free, and most have all of their trips posted online to see anytime of the day or night. Search the internet or look through the telephone directory to find coach lines or bus services in your area. One day bus trips or mini vacations during the winter months are something you can do every couple of weeks or even weekly if you want, as they are often as cheap as $20. You can schedule a trip on a day your off work, and go by yourself or take a friend or family member along with you. Taking one day winter bus trips is not only exciting, it’s also a great way to help shake the winter blues.

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Canada’s Wonderful Sydney

Sydney (not to be confused with the city in Australia) is the arterial industrial centre of Canada. It’s situated in the shores of the Sydney harbour and is also Nova Scotia’s third largest city. For those of you who admire great buildings, this is the place for you as it houses the legendary Cape Briton, teeming with heritage structures and architectural splendours. That’s not all, for the travelers, there’s even the coveted sights such as Sydney Mines, Industrial Cape Breton region, North Sydney, New Waterford and Glace Bay.

Sydney was the capital of the British colony of Cape Beton during the 18th century and was established by Col. Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres in 1785. When the General Mining Association stepped in Sydney, way back in 1850, the physical and financial landscape of the city began to change dramatically. So much so, that by the close of the 19th century, Sydney had one of the world’s largest steel plants. The city had a significant role to play during the Second World War too, as Sydney Harbour was a vital naval base for the Royal Canadian Navy base.

Sydney’s climate can be best described as Atlantic, partly due to it’s elevation above sea level (100 metres). This causes the city to experience stormy winters and pretty hot summers. The vegetation here comprises of trees such as red spruce, balsam fir, red pine, white pine and maple strewn all around the city. While traveling to Sydney, one should not miss the opportunity of visiting two of the most pristine lakes on the nearby Cape Briton Islands, the Bras d’Or Lake and Lake Ainslie.

Among other places which you would enjoy visiting are the Cabot Trail, offering superb views of the sea front; the Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site; the Glace Bay Miners Museum; the world’s largest fiddle at the Sydney waterfront; the Sydney Shopping Mall and the expansive Mayflower Mall.

Furthermore, the Sydney calendar is dotted with a host of festivities. The diverse ethnic backgrounds which the city’s populace is comprised of, contributes to it’s choc-a bloc cultural festival schedule. You’d find Eastern Europeans, Scottish, Acadian and African Canadians, among others in this beautifully vibrant coastal city.

Getting to Sydney is a breeze. Direct flights are available on a regular basis from Halifax and Montreal. Most of Sydney Canada’s sights are easily accessible by foot. You can also choose pre-arranged tour bus or cars. Delight at the marvels of old world buildings of the 18th century or take a leisurely walk down the idyllic Sydney coastline watching the ships merge with the horizon. Sydney, Canada is there to enchant you.

YTB Travel What’s The Difference, Then, Now, The Future MLM? YTB Canada

Today I was asked in the context of YTB Travel, “What’s the difference?” “What do I get for my five hundred ish dollars?” Great questions. For many of us saying MLM immediately raises an eyebrow as we figure we are getting sold a crappy bill of goods. To best explain the difference I think it’s best to let you in on a little secret. I have done MLM twice before both in the early 90’s. IT’S TRUE! And you know what? Even though I paid my start-up fee, no one came to my house to buy anything. I say that with self-deprecating humor. I mean what the heck did I expect? Pretty much the stuff of dreams like everyone, I wanted to get a lot of money for little to no effort. There is no business today that you can sign up for where you pay a start-up fee and then sit back and collect money with no effort.

The first business I signed up for didn’t even have a product. I still shake my head at my own naiveté when I look back. “We are just about ready to have a product, what we are doing right now is training our agents” the salesman said, “And you have the opportunity to be one of the first when we have our product” Whoohoooo. “All you need to do is pay $1000 for the first set of manuals and another $1000 for the second set if you choose to continue, OR you can pay $1500 for the whole set” WOW, I saved $500 dollars by buying the entire set today. Needless to say, I found myself 1 month later with a set of manuals on how to sell something and no product to sell except convincing more naïve people like me that they should buy the manuals as well.

Next came your typical supply of household goods company. Fill in the name for yourself, there are many out there. Once again, start-up fee and then I had to spend $100 per month buying their product. Then you go out and convince other people they should be ordering the product from you and distributing it themselves all the while buying their $100 of household products. Now, I ask you this question “How long does it take the average 25 year old male to go through $100 worth of cleaning supplies, or even a family for that matter?” I can tell you from experience that it certainly isn’t less than a month. Furthermore, do you think you could honestly convince anyone that when they surprisingly run out of shampoo or laundry detergent that they should order it from you – wait 3 days- all to save 50 cents and earn you a commission? AND…if you don’t buy your committed $100 per month of products you are no longer eligible for commission in your network ? Come on, what kind of crap business am I trying to sell here? Finally, I am not the type of guy that goes door to door invading people’s privacy trying to sell them something they don’t want, they don’t need, and I don’t believe in. Try this test. “Would you stand in front of your grandmother and feel comfortable asking her to buy your product?”

Now onto the subject of MLM itself. What is MLM besides multi level marketing? This term should not strike fear into the hearts of common people. But it does so because it is often associated with the scams mentioned above. In reality, it is simply a collection of points along the sales line. This is no different than pretty much any business model. Where the problem lies in most MLM scams is that people focus on selling franchises rather than the product itself. Picture if all Walmart did was to open stores, which were looking to sell you a Walmart store. Would that work? No. The fact is there are people in the world who want to own a business, and those that want to simply buy products. Not everyone can be an owner or their would be no consumers.

Take another familiar example of McDonalds. They run their business primarily on franchises. But what do these franchises do? They sell their product. Hopefully, there are people that like the product so much that they invest their time in understanding McDonalds business side and buy their own franchise. There is a startup cost of buying the franchise, and then an ongoing cost of purchasing materials, labor etc. From their revenues, a certain percentage goes back to the main company as part of the franchising contract. HOWEVER, let’s say your personally selected employee becomes your manager and then buys his own franchise. You no longer get any benefit out of that employee. His franchise fee goes directly back to the company. This is a two level marketing layout. Let’s assume that franchising fees are 40% of revenue, which means that each franchise kept 60% of their revenue. What if McDonalds allowed you to retain a portion of that franchising fee that your star manager pays. He still keeps his 60% but now the main company gets only say 39% of the franchising fee and you get 1%. Now you have received some thanks from the headquarters for your effort in developing that new owner. Seems civilized doesn’t it?

Now, the headquarters wants to make it’s money too so let’s say they will only accept diluting their franchising fee to 30% at the lowest and allow 5 levels under each of owner, the 10% difference would be apportioned accordingly to allow everyone to benefit in the upline from developed employees. Everybody wins. Where people start to think this is a scam is where they picture themselves at the end of the chain. BUT remember our focus is on selling our product not franchises. The bottom line McDonalds would still be selling their product and still getting 60% of their revenues and still paying 40% up the chain. 30% arrives at the headquarters and the missing 10% is proportioned amongst those who did the work to develop franchises.

Incidently, this is one of the huge differences of a good MLM versus an illegal one or “pyramid” scheme. The last guy needs to still be able to have a product to sell to make money without recruiting new franchises.

Now, after all that, how is my particular MLM Business good? Well, it’s good for me. And let me tell you how I came to that decision. First, I was looking for something I could do outside of my normal working hours. Something that would still produce income with or without me constantly being there (passive income). This is the same objective of getting a property manager for an apartment complex. Someone else manages it, you outsource things like marketing, advertising, accounting etc…or do these things yourself. It all depends what you’re willing to pay or do for yourself. These desires led me to trying to find an online start-up business.

I researched current top 100 online businesses and found a site on MLMs. YTB Travel was ranked 5th at the time and the others all had physical products to sell (we discussed that earlier ). I though “Travel? Hmmm, I know a lot about travelling” and checked out the website to find out more. The first thing you should check out is the product! Remember without a product you’re willing to promote you are finished before you start. So I looked at the travel site I would potentially be buying into. [http://www.babyducktravel.com] is mine please feel free to look and book your travel here : )
I found the site very user friendly, professional, and checked the rates….they were competitive if not cheaper than competitors (Ex. Travelocity, Orbitz).

Then I asked myself “Would I be comfortable recommending this to my family and friends?” Remember you are recommending the product NOT the business to them not everyone wants to own a business. My answer was yes. I would be very comfortable. In fact I very honestly tell them to check it out and if they find that it’s the same or better price, I would appreciate their business through me. But it’s not cheaper and not competitive, I wouldn’t book there myself so why would I ask them too? Then I looked at the business side. (check out [http://www.ytbinterest.com] ) to see my site. Sure, typical MLM marketing approach hype it up, get people excited about thousands and thousands of dollars but in the end what are you getting for your start up fee. Essentially – a franchise. You get an established online travel search engine comparable to Travelocity with your own business name on it. For under $500 (because this includes 1st months website management fees) that is a steal of a deal.

To put it in perspective, take your own knowledge of how to program a web search engine, host a website, take payment, reservations, canvass all airlines etc…and then figure out how much it would cost you to bring that concept to reality. Trust me $500 is a steal to have that already done for you. So what is the monthly catch? You have to pay $50 a month to have that website managed for you. Next step, promote your product (www.babyducktravel.com ) How you do that is up to you and I remind you that the old thinking of paying a start-up cost, doing nothing and expecting the money to come never did work but at least these days, you don’t have to go door to door harassing people. The Internet is full of online marketing potential. Thousands and thousands of sites to promote your product some are free, some have a flat fee, some charge monthly.

Marketing is the act of promoting and/or selling your product. Back in the 90’s, most MLM reps were relying on door-to-door marketing which is often an undesirable path. Telemarketing has its own bad reputation. HOWEVER, the flaw to both of these marketing strategies is not in how they are done but to whom they are targeted or not. Let’s say you are in the market for a new boat and I come and offer you an opportunity to buy a boat. Is that upsetting to you? No because you were in the market. How about a real world example that you are experiencing right now? If I was to start talking to a random person on a bus like I am now about online marketing do you think they would be upset? Probably because they may not be interested. BUT…you’re here reading this because of targeted marketing. You are here because you showed some sort of an interest in my product either the travel side or business side has spurred a little flame of interest inside you.

This is what the Internet has afforded the average joe. We now, all of us, have an easily accessible medium through which we can market our product to millions and millions of targeted and INTERESTED customers. There are many, many ways to capitalize on the internet marketing campaign. For example, my emails that I send out have a simple signature line at the bottom that reads: Book your next vacation at [http://www.babyducktravel.com]. Now wherever that email goes, wherever it gets forwarded to, it is advertising for me. I am not the first one to do this remember “get your free email account at yahoo.com”? BRILLIANT.

Finally, I would like to address a statement I saw floating around on a forum, which was essentially “Why would you want to have a travel site when Travelocity and Expedia are already so successful?” That is a completely ridiculous statement. Should “LOWES” and “MENARDS” not have even tried to compete with “Home Depot”? This is the essence of capitalism, a free market economy whereby businesses compete. Should the world just agree that eBay is the best and that’s it? No one starts an auction site because eBay is successful. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t compete. There are hundreds of fast food restaurants, hotel chains, car rental companies, and airlines, all of which compete for market share. Why not give a shot at getting a small portion of the Billions of dollars travel industry yourself?

So to recap why did I decide that this was different?

1. No requirement to buy your own product to receive commissions (though I will certainly book my own travel through my own site if the price is right)

2. Professional travel website in your own name which looks sharp and is competitive with other well known travel sites

3. Online product that people use every day and can be accessed 24/7 worldwide

4. Something you can feel comfortable referring to friends and family.

Whistler BC – Incredible Supernatural Vacations in Western Canada

Whistler – A new Byword for Fun, Adventure and Active Lifestyles

Years ago, BC’s government sponsored travel agency coined the phrase Supernatural British Columbia to describe a British Columbia, Canada vacation experience. The term really can’t be topped. There is no place on this planet like BC. From south to north, the visual tapestry of the British Columbia landscape makes the most profound memories for travellers. Although the Alps in Europe rival the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and Coast mountain ranges in BC, it is the wildlife and sparsely populated wild regions that make BC special. If being alone with nature is your need, BC’s rugged mountainous terrain will give you all the solitude you could ask for. And you’d be enjoying every minute.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit BC but one that stands out is the town of Whistler located an hour north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky highway. It is rated as one of the world’s top ski resorts yet it offers much more than skiing.

If the destination of Whistler isn’t enough, just getting there is part of the fun. Most drives to a vacation getaway are boring journeys, but not this one. Setting out on a bus ride or car ride from Vancouver you’ll see spectacular mountainside scenery along the coast of Howe Sound. The bay and the towering mountains next to it are a cradle of incredible beauty that has inspired artists for a century. You’ll pass Horseshoe Bay with its ferry port terminal and Cypress Provincial Park with its pristine mountain lakes, rugged snow capped peaks and forests of fir, hemlock and yellow cypress.

BC Mountain Climbing

Next on the rising highway is the city of Squamish where land values are increasing fast because of this area’s growing popularity, and the upcoming Winter Olympic games. Whistler will host a number of skiing events in the 2010 games. Squamish is a mecca for mountain climbers who scale the high rock faces east of the town. Squamish is best known for the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, which is a top North American mountain climbing site. Locals call the granite cliff visible from the highway “The Chief”. Top mountain climbers from around the world come to test themselves on this 700 metres (2,296.6 ft or two times the height of the CN Tower’s observation level) high granite cliff. Mountain bikers too love the rugged trails and the opportunity to ride offroad all the way to Whistler to the north. The local mountain bike race sold all its 600 race entries in under one hour to indicate how fervent is people’s desire to be involved in recreation in this area. The Squamish Mountain Festival held in mid July is a huge draw and celebrates the life of bouldering, climbing, and the joy of mountain culture. The Crankworx Bike Festival is another big event in Whistler in August that draws thousands of visitors through Squamish.

As you leave the region at the end of Howe Sound you can look back at a wonderful setting of sparkling water and mountain peaks fading in the distance. It’s even better at sunset. The elevation is now high and you’re entering the coast mountain range and the Garibaldi highlands. Here in Garibaldi Park you can white water raft, mountain bike, hike, explore and see towering waterfalls and climb on top of gigantic tree stumps.

Blackcomb Whistler Mountains

Whistler lies at the foot of two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler providing plenty of ski runs for Canada’s top ski resort. With the awarding of the 2010 winter Olympics to Vancouver and Whistler, the nation’s best will just get better as a resort and place for everyone to visit. During the summer tourists take the long gondola ride up Whistler mountain for spectacular views of the Coast mountain range.

Most people however know Whistler as a ski area and there is an endless array of downhill ski runs and hi speed lifts. During the summer, mountain bikers take over the same lifts to begin an exhilarating bike ride down the mountain trails. The area’s extensive lifts are capable of transporting 60,000 skiers or riders per hour. Both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains offer over 100 trails each with the longest trail being an incredible 11 kms. There are areas for cross country skiing too. One very close by has 32 kms of skiable terrain including trails next to an alpine lake. Whistler Blackcomb is being developed for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games so the skiing here is definitely world class. If you’re a novice skier or snowboarder, don’t be daunted as there plenty of novice and intermediate ski runs.

Annual snowfall in Whistler is an amazing 9 feet or almost three metres deep. The vertical rise from Whistler Village to the summit of Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb mountain is over 5,000 feet. That’s almost one mile up. You’ll find the Gondola experience amazing too. Many tourists take the Gondola to the top of the ski hill to dine at the restaurant there or just take in the spectacular views of BCs Coastal Mountain Range. There is a new gondola that takes riders from the top of one mountain to the other.

The village of Whistler is a modern yet quaint collection of hotels, stores, and restaurants catering to the ski and mountain biker enthusiasts. You don’t have to ski or ride a bike to enjoy being here though. There are plenty of shopping outlets and restaurants to visit, and you can explore the region up the highway up to where you might go canoeing, Alpine hiking, snowtubing, wildlife viewing, ATV’ing, or for a zipline tour through the forest canopy.

Check with local Whistler hotels for packaged deals where you can enjoy all the activities possible during your stay, which I’m sure you’ll agree is too short.

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is spread over 330 acres and houses over 200 attractions making it Canada’s leading theme park. With every kind of ride imaginable, suitable for both adults and children, the park attracts more than three million visitors every year. In addition to the rides, visitors are also treated to dance shows, live music, dance shows, and other forms of entertainment. There are other special events too that are organized all through the season. Some of these events are the Magic School Bus Live Show, Canada Day, Victoria Day Fireworks celebration, and a Soap Opera Festival.

Once you step into Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, you are bound to go absolutely beserk trying to decide which of the stomach-churning rides to go in for first, or which theme to visit first. This is an absolutely fascinating place filled with rides, water slides, food joints, kids’ areas, and cartoon characters strutting around the place amusing all the visitors. Getting in may be slightly expensive, but you are guaranteed to have fun.

The park has been divided into eight themed areas. The original ones are the International Street, Action Zone, Medieval Faire, and Hanna-Barbera Land. International Street is the main street area of the amusement park. On both sides of the street there are shops galore from where you can pick up souvenirs, clothes, and candy. Initially, this street had food stores from different parts of Central Europe like Scandinavia, Latin America, and the Alpines, earning it the name of International Street. Now, there are more of fast food restaurants here.

The Splash Works is one area of the amusement park that is not to be missed. It is spread over 20-acres and it is a water park which houses the largest wave pool in Canada. This park has more than 2 million gallons of heated water, used in various rides and slides in this section. There are 16 water slides which provide a source of excitement and thrill to people of all ages. And if you are feeling too lazy to do anything, you can lounge about in the lazy river that flows through this area.

Of special interest to children would be the Hanna-Barbera Land, Kidzville and Nickelodeon Central. The Hanna-Barbera Land has attractions like the Scooby-Doo’s haunted mansion, an area where you can get a ride in plans styled after WWI planes, Jetson’s Rocketport, and the Swan Lake. It is said that Hanna Barbera Land, Kidzville and the Nickelodeon Central are going to be replaced with the Snoopy Centre, and it will be open to use in the 2010 season.

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland has a total of 15 roller coaster rides, making it the second amusement park to have so many roller coasters in one place. With 200 attractions, 60 thrill rides, a water park, kid’s zone, shops, and restaurants, you may run out of time, but never things to do.

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Canada Ontario – Paradise On Earth

Ontario, one of the most densely inhabited cities of Canada is situated on the east central part of Canada. It has a total population of over 12449502 and covers an area of 1076359 sq. km. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and Ottawa the capital city of Canada is situated in Ontario too. As the name signifies the word Ontario means beautiful lake or beautiful aqua. Therefore, it is quite understandable that the natural scenario of the place would be equally stunning and unusually beautiful. Now let us discuss in short about the geographical boundaries of Ontario. On the North Ontario is enclosed by Hudson Bay and James Bay, on the East by Quebec, on the West by Manitoba and on the South by American states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Ontario is an ideal fishing destination and a number of Ontario fishing lodges are easily accessible for trophy walleye, northern pike, muskie, trout, and bass fishing. For enjoying a great fishing holiday or an entertaining family vacation Ontario fishing lodges and Ontario Canada lodges are undoubtedly perfect recreational options. In addition to these the London Ontario Townhouse is a marvelous location surrounded by warm and lovely sandy beaches providing abundant prospects for several frivolous activities like water sports, outdoor games, nature walks and moments of complete isolation, all at a very inexpensive price level.

In addition to Ontario Canada lodges and London Ontario Townhouse various family house keeping cottages, family resorts and a number of guide lines for fishing and fine dinning are there for the benefit of the travelers throughout the country. Some of the notable restaurants of Ontario include Amber Garden Restaurant, Gabriel Pizza, Halpin Catering & Fine Dinning, Lorenzo’s Restaurant, Ottawa’s Restaurants, Prescott, Rasputin’s Folk Café, Restaurant Ferme Rouge and Aunt Lucy’s Dinner House. These restaurants and well-planned dining suits speak of quality food, time tested recipes and all in reasonable price levels.

For a smart and comfortable country voyage Ontario offers a wide range of transportation services comprising air, car rental, RV rental, train, bus and great many varieties. For a complete and full fledged travel information you can easily get hold of guide books about driving directions and well explained road maps, available at different travel information centers throughout the country.

It has already been mentioned that Ontario is a destination full of tourist attractions. A person visiting Ontario would surely find this place a paradise on Earth. The main attractions of Ontario include the Niagara Falls, Queen Victoria Park, Fergus Stone Heritage House, Theatre On The Grand, CN Tower, Canadian National Exhibition, Ontario Science Center, Toronto Zoo, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland and Harbourfront. Thus, a visit to Ontario is a pleasurable experience indeed.

Vacationing in Alberta, Canada

Once you are there, you are certain to be impressed by Alberta’s grandeur and beauty, including its majestic mountains and rolling foothills. You will also want to see Canada’s world-famous Rocky Mountains and the popular resort towns of Jasper, Banff, Kananaskis, Canmore, Waterton, and Lake Louise, which attract many visitors every year.

Alberta Has Something for Everyone

If you are a “dinosaur hunter,” you should plan a visit to Drumheller, where the well-known Robert Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology is located and the surrounding landscape has yielded an abundance of prehistoric discoveries and fossils. The museum features interactive exhibits that include a cretaceous garden and an interesting display of dinosaur skeletons. Located near Canada’s Badland trails, it provides a picnic area, a gift shop, and a cafeteria.

You can also explore the province’s rural heritage by visiting the farmlands of Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, and Alberta’s Heartland. Calgary, which is close to the Rockies, is a leader in the gas and oil industry, and it is also a popular place to visit because of the warm welcome visitors receive when they get there.

Special Attractions


The provincial capital is one of the country’s most northerly cities and located above the North Saskatchewan River. While the city has its share of urban renewal projects, restaurants, parks, and festivals, most visitors are particularly interested in shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, especially for its curiosity value. Located south of the river, a restored district known as “Old Strathcona” will also pique your interest because of its modest museums, its heritage buildings, and its diverse array of venues for eating and drinking. Edmonton has its own noteworthy Space and Science Centre as well, and you may want to consider visiting when planning your vacation itinerary.


This town is looked upon as the Canadian Rockies’ capital, and nearly 50,000 people may gather here during the high tourist season, especially those who favor backpacking, mega-coach tours and RVs. The town’s main street, Banff Avenue, is notable for its up-scale outdoor-clothing and sports-equipment shops.

Jasper National Park

Located in the Canadian Rockies, this vast, scenic park is noted for its Columbia Icefield glaciers, and numerous lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and hot springs. People also enjoy viewing the park’s varied wildlife, which includes caribou, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bears, grizzly bears, beavers, mountain lions, wolverines, and gray wolves. Among the park’s major attractions are the Tonquin Valley, Mount Edith Cavell, Medicine Lake, Maligne Lake and tours of the Athabasca Glacier on a bus-sized snowmobile. Numerous out-door related activities include fishing rafting, hiking, camping and kayaking.

The Annual Calgary Stampede

This event is a combination of rodeo, exhibition, and festival wrapped into one held every year for 10 days in the early part of July, with about 1.2 million visitors in attendance. As the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, the Stampede features a world-renowned rodeo competition, agricultural competitions, concerts, stage shows, a midway, First Nations exhibits, chuck wagon races, several pancake breakfasts throughout the town, and many other attractions.

Hamilton Canada – Charming, Exquisite and an Enriching Experience

Hamilton is a city situated in one of the most beautiful states of Canada, Ontario. It is a city with a bright history and even more bright future. It is said about this city that it began with romance, romance of Robert Land and his wife, who was the soldier of united empire. It is believed that he was the first settler in this part of the world after he escaped from the death sentence in Pennsylvania USA. He settled here on the edge of the lake. There are many more stories connected with this man who made this seventh heaven called “Hamilton”.

There are more interesting things than history to tell about this city. It is surrounded by some other exciting cities like Westdale, Ancaster and Dundas. These cities have character of their own and along with Hamilton, they are the best place for dining, visiting galleries, going to lavish green parks and last but not the least, shopping. In downtown area of Hamilton, a place called James Street North is considered the powerhouse of artistic energy as there are so many art galleries full of art made by artists of Hamilton itself. The other place called Locke Street in Hamilton is famous for its collection of antique stores, collectibles and cafes. Hess Village is famous for its cobblestone streets and also for several very beautiful restaurants and music and dancing clubs that keeps this area in dancing mood till midnight. The district of Waterfront is considered a heaven for hikers, boarders and those who want to challenge water’s natural power. In the eastern most part of Hamilton, there is no stopping for shoppers who love to bargain as there lay the Ottawa Street. One can also find some tribal cultures also with their food shops and outfits shops in this area of shopper’s delight.

This city has the pleasure of having some of the best tourist destinations of the state of Ontario. It has the luxury of the Royal Botanical Gardens, the very famous Bruce Trails, and tons of conservation parks and water parks etc. This city in Ontario is a very famous destination for all those tourists who want to get into the heart of the state of Ontario. Its closeness to Toronto and Niagara Peninsula makes it even more famous and ideal tourist destination. Princess point at the edge of Lake Ontario is one the most beautiful parts of Hamilton city. Encircling the lake is the very well maintained path.

Reaching Hamilton is not a very big task. It is very well connected by air, rail and roadways. J.C. Munroe international airport serves major international air carriers and have regular flights to other destinations of Canada and also to America and Caribbean islands. Alder shot railway station is supported by VIA rail. It is along side Windsor-Québec city corridor. This railway station is packed by passengers during tourist peak period and rush hours. Bus service is also extremely well managed in this city. Some busses run from Kitchener, London area and also from Niagara falls to Buffalo in USA. The bus depot of Hamilton is situated in downtown in Jackson and Hughson. This city has very god bus transit system. The city busses in Hamilton run to almost every street with very frequent timings and very cheap tariffs.

This was just the clip of this very beautiful city, ‘Hamilton’. This city has many more things which are worth watching and enjoying. No doubt, the city of Hamilton, Canada is indeed a paradise for the tourists and those who visit there once; it will prove to be the ultimate bliss and ecstasy.